Stoked are now plant-based!

This was a BIG decision, it just feels right to only offer plant-based produce.

Although we are still occasional meat eaters ourselves (sourced sustainably of course), we want to encourage more people to eat less animal products and more plant-based.

So offering just plant based products we feel is a way of trying to make a positive change to our current eating habits. If everyone had 2 x vegan or vegetarian days per week (which wouldn’t be too hard to do) there would be an instant 25% decrease in demand and more than 25% less animals being treating badly. We are all for meat, but only if we know where it came from and if it had a nice life. Sadly most supermarket meat does not. Also DID YOU KNOW that all protein comes from plants? It’s also a fact that there would be environmental & personal health benefits if we were all to eat more plants and took a little bit more responsibility where we sourced our food. WOW! Now THAT was a SERIOUS MESSAGE. Now for a little joke to lighten the mood.

DID YOU KNOW that whiteboards are remarkable? Sorry.