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Quite simply we’re foodies with a focus on providing exceptional service.


With a combined passion for food and the environment, Stoked is a cuisine company with a difference.

We just LOVE to create delicious plant-based edibles and cater for any occasion, whilst always priding ourselves on providing great service!

Combined, we have over 10 years' experience within the restaurant, street food and event catering industry, so we know tasty food and how to make an event run smoothly.

No matter who you are, or where you want to feed your guests, you can rest assured that our food will taste awesome, will be served on time, and with a friendly smile. Guaranteed.  

It's our mission for you to relax and to enjoy your event (whatever it may be) as much as possible. So a) book Stoked, b) pour yourself a drink and c) look forward to your meal.


Our Services

Food is the most crucial part to any event (or so we think). We also get that each and everyone of us is different, as is each and every event,  which is why we’ll tailor (or BeStoke) our food and services to your needs as much as possible. You are the customer at the end of the day and we pride ourselves on catering to your every request.

We can either cook onsite, or prepare offsite, then deliver hot or cold.


Our Food

You and your guests will only be fed food that we would want to eat, so knowing where our ingredients come from is important to us.

We have a good relationship with all of our suppliers and wherever possible will always source locally.

Our food is always 100% freshly prepared with absolutely no hidden nasties. 

All of our products are gluten-free.


our Policies & What we’re all about

We want to be a company of the future so we try to act as responsibly as possible in everything we do, here’s a few things we do:

  • Use minimal (or zero) plastic as possible

  • Have a zero wastage policy by recycling EVERYTHING  and feeding the homeless with any leftovers

  • Give 10% of our profits to good causes

  • Always try to source as locally and as sustainably as possible


Our Prices

Again, these are beStoked. Tell us how much you have to spend and we’ll come up with the perfect solution to make your event unforgettable.





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